VanSite Explorer program

You will learn what the program is and how you can become an explorer.
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The VanSite Explorer program is our cashback promotion. The goal is, among other things, the visual upgrading of the existing offer. As an explorer you take photos and the overnight stay is on us. VanSite Explorer are users of VanSite.

What does a VanSite Explorer do?

As an explorer, you take pictures of the pitch after your stay, which you send to us. We then use this to make the advertisement for the corresponding parking space even more meaningful. We will refund you the full booking amount for the overnight stay on your selected pitch.

Which spots are included in the Explorer program?

Part of the program are pitches that have not yet received any ratings or have pictures that are not very informative. These ads can be recognized by the explorer icon (compass) on the ad preview.

How do I become a VanSite Explorer?

Becoming a VanSite Explorer is very easy and can be anyone who is interested and likes to be on the go. Simply register here and we will get in touch with you.

Click here to become a VanSite - Explorer

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