What is a reasonable price for my pitch?

Here you will find tips on how to determine an appropriate price for your ad.
Written by Maximilian
Updated 1 year ago

For the question of the right price for a pitch, there is no blanket answer. A pitch on VanSite usually costs 5 - 20 € per night. However, in the following we would like to give you a few points of reference to help you find a reasonable price for your pitch. If you wish, we can also help you with the pricing. Please contact our support via chat or e-mail.

1. the location

The most important factor for pricing at VanSite is the location of the pitch. It is especially positive if the pitches are:

are located very close to nature

have a secluded location

are located in popular tourist areas

2. the equipment

If you offer a toilet, a power supply or similar in addition to the pitch, you can also take this into account in your pricing. Even self-sufficient travelers appreciate a certain level of facilities and are willing to pay for these additional amenities.

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