Basic requirements for pitches

This is a record of what requirements pitches must meet at VanSite.
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You would like to offer a pitch at VanSite and don't know what the requirements are? Then you are right here!

1. existing equipment

Many campers on VanSite travel in self-sufficient (self-supporting) vehicles, which have their own toilet and electricity/water supply. Therefore, you do not need to provide any additional equipment besides the actual pitch.

In order for your potential guests to see immediately whether the equipment of your pitch meets their requirements, we ask you when creating your ad whether you provide additional equipment besides the pitch. This information will then be displayed in the advertisement under the section "Equipment".

2. location of the pitch

Users expect pitches on VanSite to be close to nature. By a natural location we mean pitches that have at least a view of undeveloped or natural areas.

Furthermore, please make sure that your pitch is not located in a forest or protected area (e.g. nature, landscape, water or FFH protected area), unless you have a permit from the responsible authority.

Please also note that for pitches in Schleswig-Holstein further requirements have to be checked. If you would like to offer a pitch in this federal state, please contact us in advance.

3. traffic safety

To ensure that your guests are not exposed to any dangers on your site, you must take into account the general duty of road safety for your site. This includes, among other things, the securing of construction sites in areas that your guests are allowed to enter.

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