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In this article you will learn how to offer your first site on VanSite.
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Posting a parking space on VanSite is easy and quick. In this article you will find tips that can help you. If you still need help with the creation of your ad, or have a question, you can also get advice from our host service. Just contact us via the chat.

1. create a new ad

To create a new ad, simply click on Add your Spot. If you are not yet registered at VanSite, you have to register at VanSite before creating your ad. This way we will be able to assign your ad to you later.

2. Add information

After you have created your ad, you need to add some information and settings.

2.1 The description

In the description you define the name of your site, the description and the type of booking.

The name of your site should be meaningful and individual. It will help potential guests to remember your site better during their search. Avoid generic names, such as "site on the farm". To make a good name, it helps to include the immediate surroundings of the spot. Good examples include:

  • Old village school - Under the chestnut tree

  • With a view of the alpaca pasture

The description of your site is the heart of every advertisement. The description in combination with the pictures (which we will come to later) will give potential guests a good insight. You should answer the following questions with at least 1-3 sentences each.

  • Where is the place located on the property?

  • What can you do in the surrounding area?

  • Is the site alone, or are there several pitches offered?

  • Are there busy roads within earshot?

Furthermore, avoid adding additional contact information such as phone number and email address. This way you protect your personal data and ensure a proper booking process through VanSite, which is what makes our platform possible.

Selecting the booking option is a basic setting on VanSite. Here you have two options

Booking on request

With this booking option, potential guests can only request a booking from you. You can then decline or accept this request.

Immediately bookable

A booking will be confirmed directly without any additional acceptance of the booking. If a stay is still not possible, you can cancel the booking up to 2 calendar days before the start of the stay. If you choose this booking option, please make sure to keep the availability of your site up to date.

2.2 Suitability

To make it easier for travelers to find sites that meet their basic requirements, we provide filter options for the search.

In order for these filters to work properly and for your pitch to be displayed to exactly those campers for whom it is suitable, you should indicate for which vehicles or accommodations your spot is suitable or passable. Please pay attention not only to the site itself, but also to the access.

2.4. Amenities

Not every camper who uses VanSite can manage without any equipment at the site. Therefore, enter the equipment, if any, to show your potential guests what they can expect at your site. Equipment from the camping area will be briefly explained below.

Grey water disposal refers to the possibility of emptying waste water tanks of washing and rinsing sinks of a camper.

Black water disposal means the possibility to empty waste water tanks of toilets of a camper.

For the equipment electricity, toilet, shower and fresh water you have the option to specify extra costs per night or person. Your travelers can then book these additionally if required.

2.5 Surroundings & Activities

With activities and surroundings you can make your campsite easier to find for campers. When listing activities, however, you should limit yourself to those activities that are offered directly at the spot.

2.3 Arrival and departure time

The arrival and departure times will help a potential guest to plan their trip.

2.6 Rules

Campers who use VanSite agree to respect our code of conduct. This code includes basic rules of conduct for staying in nature. In addition, you have of course the possibility to define more extensive rules within the framework of your domiciliary rights.

Of course, you have to make sure that your rules do not discriminate against anyone because of their origin, sexual orientation or similar (§ 19 AGG).

2.7 Location

The location of your spot helps us to display the location correctly in the map search. The exact location is not publicly displayed. We use an arbitrary 1-kilometer radius, which shows the location of your site only inaccurately.

2.8. Price

To help you find the right price, we have already written an article here. In addition to the basic price for your spot, you can specify the maximum number of people who can arrive and whether you want to increase the price after a certain number of people.

Additional offers are suitable for products (e.g. fruit baskets) and experiences (e.g. alpaca hikes) that you can offer directly through VanSite. Please note that in case of a successful sale of additional offers, VanSite will charge a fee of 15% of the sale price. The accommodation amount is not affected by this.

2.9 Availability

With the availability you can determine with a few clicks when a booking of your site is possible. This is especially relevant if immediate bookings are possible for your pitch. You can also easily adjust the availability of your site later.

2.10 Booking conditions

The response time serves as an orientation for potential guests in booking requests, how far in advance a booking should be requested from you. For example, if you specify 24 hours as the response time, travelers know that a request for a booking for the same evening will probably not be confirmed in time.

Cancellation terms are used to make bookings more binding and to specify how much money you will receive in the event of a cancellation. The portion you specify will be automatically transferred to you in case of cancellation and the rest will be refunded to your guest.

2.11. Photos

Even if it sounds trite, but a picture is worth a thousand words. It's no different at VanSite. Good photos are characterized by the fact that they give guests a good overview of the actual pitch. In addition to the image content, the image quality is also crucial for this. We will briefly discuss both in the following

Image quality

Most important for the image quality is the image size. Photos from a smartphone are perfectly adequate for this purpose, provided they are not blurred and were taken in daylight.

Image content

In order for your guests to get a comprehensive impression, the following should be visible in your pictures:

  • The actual pitch on your property

  • The view from the pitch into the surrounding area

  • The entrance of the pitch at the narrowest point


  • The wider surroundings around the pitch

  • Details on the plot

3. Payout setting

Your ad is ready, now you just need to set your payout method.

In order for guests to book your listing, you must first provide a bank account to which we can pay booking amounts. In addition to a bank account, further information is required for verification via our payment service provider. This step serves as a defense against fraud attempts.

If you have any problems setting up your withdrawal method, simply contact support via email or chat.

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